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From Evan Chan <>
Subject Using local-cluster mode for testing Spark-related projects
Date Sun, 17 Apr 2016 00:47:17 GMT
Hey folks,

I'd like to use local-cluster mode in my Spark-related projects to
test Spark functionality in an automated way in a simulated local
cluster.    The idea is to test multi-process things in a much easier
fashion than setting up a real cluster.   However, getting this up and
running in a separate project (I'm using Scala 2.10 and ScalaTest) is
nontrivial.   Does anyone have any suggestions to get up and running?

This is what I've observed so far (I'm testing against 1.5.1, but
suspect this would apply equally to 1.6.x):

- One needs to have a real Spark distro and point to it using SPARK_HOME
- SPARK_SCALA_VERSION needs to be set
- One needs to manually inject jar paths, otherwise dependencies are
missing.  For example, build an assembly jar of all your deps.  Java
class directory hierarchies don't seem to work with the setJars(...).

How does Spark's internal scripts make it possible to run
local-cluster mode and set up all the class paths correctly?   And, is
it possible to mimic this setup for external Spark projects?


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