hi experts,

I’m reporting a problem about spark graphx, I use zeppelin submit spark jobs, 
note that scala environment shares the same SparkContext, SQLContext instance,
and I call  Connected components algorithm to do some Business,  
found that every time when the job finished, some graph storage RDDs weren’t bean released, 
after several times there would be a lot of  storage RDDs existing even through all the jobs have finished . 

So I check the code of connectedComponents  and find that may be a problem in Pregel.scala .
when param graph has been cached, there isn’t any way to unpersist,  
so I add red font code to solve the problem
def apply[VD: ClassTag, ED: ClassTag, A: ClassTag]
graph: Graph[VD, ED],
maxIterations: Int = Int.
activeDirection: EdgeDirection = EdgeDirection.
(vprog: (
VertexId, VD, A) => VD,
sendMsg: EdgeTriplet[
VD, ED] => Iterator[(VertexId, A)],
mergeMsg: (
A, A) => A)
: Graph[
VD, ED] =
  var g = graph.mapVertices((vid, vdata) => vprog(vid, vdata, initialMsg)).cache()
graph.unpersistVertices(blocking = false)
graph.edges.unpersist(blocking = false)

} // end of apply

I'm not sure if this is a bug, and thank you for your time, juntao