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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Some minor LICENSE and NOTICE issues with 2.0 preview release
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2016 15:22:22 GMT

>  My understanding of the trademark policy from discussions over the past
> month is that software identifiers like Maven coordinates do not
> strictly require 'apache’.

Yes it's not required, but given the branding issues it may useful to do.

>> - The year in the NOTICE file is out of date. These days most NOTICE files have a
year range.
> I can change that to "Copyright 2014 and onwards" for completeness, yes.

Most NOTICE files would say 201X-2016 but the above seems a valid approach.

> Which are unneeded?

For starters permissive licenses are mentioned, NOTICE is for required notices only. I'd suggest
you ask on general @incubator mailing list for a review. People there have knowledge and experience
of what should and should not be in a NOTICE file.

> This is covering all the binary artefacts the project produces.

The source license and notice should be different from the binary licence and notice as the
contents of the artefacts are different. [1]

> These category B artifacts are not included in source form.

So they should not be mentioned in the source license or notice files. [1]

> I think this is simply because it's hard to maintain both, and not-wrong to maintain
one file that
> covers both.

Having extra stuff in NOTICE is at worse a documentation error, so t’snot a legal issue
as such and at worse a minor issue, but it does impose an extra burden on downstream projects.
IMO would be best if this wasn’t the case, Again refer to the guiding principle and also

> Yes the ones I'm aware of are necessary

It’s never necessary to have jar in a source release, they can be compiled as part of the
build process. I’s suggest you read Roy’s view on this [2].

And again this is just my option as an outsider, I may be missing info etc etc etc. It’s
certainly not legal advice or insistence that anything needs to be changed, that’s up to
the PMC to decide.

Also no need for a long discussion on this I think I've provided enough info for the PMC to
decide if anything needs to change or not.


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