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From Nicholas Chammas <>
Subject Re: Spark 2.0.0-preview artifacts still not available in Maven
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2016 15:23:39 GMT
+1 to what Mark said. I've been following this discussion and I don't
understand where the sudden "Databricks vs. everybody else" narrative came

On Mon, Jun 6, 2016 at 11:00 AM Mark Hamstra <>

> This is not a Databricks vs. The World situation, and the fact that some
> persist in forcing every issue into that frame is getting annoying.  There
> are good engineering and project-management reasons not to populate the
> long-term, canonical repository of Maven artifacts with what are known to
> be severely compromised builds of limited usefulness, particularly over
> time.  It is a legitimate dispute over whether these preview artifacts
> should be deployed to Maven Central, not one that must be seen as
> Databricks seeking improper advantage.
> On Mon, Jun 6, 2016 at 5:34 AM, Shane Curcuru <>
> wrote:
>> On 2016-06-04 18:42 (-0400), Sean Owen <> wrote:
>> ...
>> > The question is, can you just not fully release it? I don't think so,
>> > even as a matter of process, and don't see a good reason not to.
>> >
>> > To Reynold's quote, I think that's suggesting that not all projects
>> > will release to a repo at all (e.g. OpenOffice?). I don't think it
>> > means you're free to not release some things to Maven, if that's
>> > appropriate and common for the type of project.
>> >
>> > Regarding risk, remember that the audience for Maven artifacts are
>> > developers, not admins or end users. I understand that developers can
>> > temporarily change their build to use a different resolver if they
>> > care, but, why? (and, where would someone figure this out?)
>> >
>> > Regardless: the 2.0.0-preview docs aren't published to go along with
>> > the source/binary releases. Those need be released to the project
>> > site, though probably under a different /preview/ path or something.
>> > If they are, is it weird that someone wouldn't find the release in the
>> > usual place in Maven then?
>> >
>> > Given that the driver of this was concern over wide access to
>> > 2.0.0-preview, I think it's best to err on the side openness vs some
>> > theoretical problem.
>> The mere fact that there continues to be repeated pushback from PMC
>> members employed by DataBricks to such a reasonable and easy question to
>> answer and take action on for the benefit of all the project's users
>> raises red flags for me.
>> Immaterial of the actual motivations of individual PMC members, this
>> still gives the *appearance* that DataBricks as an organization
>> effectively exercises a more than healthy amount of control over how the
>> project operates in simple, day-to-day manners.
>> I strongly urge everyone participating in Apache Spark development to
>> read and take to heart this required policy for Apache projects:
>> - Shane, speaking as an individual
>> (If I were speaking in other roles I hold, I wouldn't be as polite)
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