Thanks for the email. Things like this (and bugs) are exactly the reason the preview releases exist. It seems like enough people have run into problem with this one that maybe we should just bring it back for backward compatibility. 

On Monday, June 13, 2016, Egor Pahomov <> wrote:
In May due to the SPARK-15095 binary mode was "removed" (code is there, but you can not turn it on) from Spark-2.0. In 1.6.1 binary was default and in 2.0.0-preview it was removed. It's really annoying: 
  • I can not use Tableau+Spark anymore
  • I need to change connection URL in SQL client for every analyst in my organization. And with Squirrel I experiencing problems with that.
  • We have parts of infrastructure, which connected to data infrastructure though ThriftServer. And of course format was binary.
I've created a ticket to get binary back(, but that's not the point. I've experienced this problem a month ago, but haven't done anything about it, because I believed, that I'm stupid and doing something wrong. But documentation was release recently and it contained no information about this new thing and it made me digging. 

Most of what I describe is just annoying, but Tableau+Spark new incompatibility I believe is big deal. Maybe I'm wrong and there are ways to make things work, it's just I wouldn't expect move to 2.0.0 to be so time consuming. 

My point: Do we have any guidelines regarding doing such radical things?

Sincerely yours
Egor Pakhomov