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From Jan-Hendrik Zab <>
Subject Apache Spark chat channel
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2016 13:33:20 GMT

There was a request on scala-debate [0] to create a Spark centric chat
room under the scala namespace on Gitter with a focus on Scala related

This is just a heads up to the Apache Spark "management" to give them a
chance to get involved. It might be better to create a dedicated channel
under the Apache umbrella to better serve all users and not only those
using Scala. Avoiding any artificial split of the Spark community.
Reasons for having such a channel can be found in the linked thread.

Please CC me, since I'm not on the list.


(Resent, something apparently ate my first e-mail.)

[0] -!topic/scala-debate/OVGnIU2SNmc

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