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From "DW @ Gmail" <>
Subject Re: Spark Improvement Proposals
Date Fri, 07 Oct 2016 03:48:13 GMT
I was there, too. I agree with Cody's assessments and recommendations


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> On Oct 6, 2016, at 9:51 PM, Cody Koeninger <> wrote:
> I love Spark.  3 or 4 years ago it was the first distributed computing
> environment that felt usable, and the community was welcoming.
> But I just got back from the Reactive Summit, and this is what I observed:
> - Industry leaders on stage making fun of Spark's streaming model
> - Open source project leaders saying they looked at Spark's governance
> as a model to avoid
> - Users saying they chose Flink because it was technically superior
> and they couldn't get any answers on the Spark mailing lists
> Whether you agree with the substance of any of this, when this stuff
> gets repeated enough people will believe it.
> Right now Spark is suffering from its own success, and I think
> something needs to change.
> - We need a clear process for planning significant changes to the codebase.
> I'm not saying you need to adopt Kafka Improvement Proposals exactly,
> but you need a documented process with a clear outcome (e.g. a vote).
> Passing around google docs after an implementation has largely been
> decided on doesn't cut it.
> - All technical communication needs to be public.
> Things getting decided in private chat, or when 1/3 of the committers
> work for the same company and can just talk to each other...
> Yes, it's convenient, but it's ultimately detrimental to the health of
> the project.
> The way structured streaming has played out has shown that there are
> significant technical blind spots (myself included).
> One way to address that is to get the people who have domain knowledge
> involved, and listen to them.
> - We need more committers, and more committer diversity.
> Per committer there are, what, more than 20 contributors and 10 new
> jira tickets a month?  It's too much.
> There are people (I am _not_ referring to myself) who have been around
> for years, contributed thousands of lines of code, helped educate the
> public around Spark... and yet are never going to be voted in.
> - We need a clear process for managing volunteer work.
> Too many tickets sit around unowned, unclosed, uncertain.
> If someone proposed something and it isn't up to snuff, tell them and
> close it.  It may be blunt, but it's clearer than "silent no".
> If someone wants to work on something, let them own the ticket and set
> a deadline. If they don't meet it, close it or reassign it.
> This is not me putting on an Apache Bureaucracy hat.  This is me
> saying, as a fellow hacker and loyal dissenter, something is wrong
> with the culture and process.
> Please, let's change it.
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