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From Cody Koeninger <>
Subject Improving volunteer management / JIRAs (split from Spark Improvement Proposals thread)
Date Fri, 07 Oct 2016 20:48:11 GMT
Matei asked:

> I agree about empowering people interested here to contribute, but I'm wondering, do
you think there are technical things that people don't want to work on, or is it a matter
of what there's been time to do?

It's a matter of mismanagement and miscommunication.

The structured streaming kafka jira sat with multiple unanswered
requests for someone who was a committer to communicate whether they
were working on it and what the plan was.  I could have done that
implementation and had it in users' hands months ago.  I didn't
pre-emptively do it because I didn't want to then have to argue with
committers about why my code did or did not meet their uncommunicated

I don't want to re-hash that particular circumstance, I just want to
make sure it never happens again.

Hopefully the SIP thread results in clearer expectations, but there
are still some ideas on the table regarding management of volunteer

- Closing stale jiras.  I hear the bots are impersonal argument, but
the alternative of "someone cleans it up" is not sufficient right now
(with apologies to Sean and all the other janitors).

- Clear rejection of jiras.  This isn't mean, it's respectful.

- Clear "I'm working on this", with clear removal and reassignment if
they go radio silent.  This could be keyed to automated check for

- Clear expectation that if someone is working on a jira, you can work
on your own alternative, but you need to communicate.

I'm sure I've missed some.

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