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From Sean Owen <>
Subject PSA: JIRA resolutions and meanings
Date Sat, 08 Oct 2016 09:09:42 GMT
That flood of emails means several people (Xiao, Holden mostly AFAICT) have
been updating the status of old JIRAs. Thank you, I think that really does

I have a suggested set of conventions I've been using, just to bring some
order to the resolutions. It helps because JIRA functions as a huge archive
of decisions and the more accurately we can record that the better. What do
people think of this?

- Resolve as Fixed if there's a change you can point to that resolved the
- If the issue is a proper subset of another issue, mark it a Duplicate of
that issue (rather than the other way around)
- If it's probably resolved, but not obvious what fixed it or when, then
Cannot Reproduce or Not a Problem
- Obsolete issue? Not a Problem
- If it's a coherent issue but does not seem like there is support or
interest in acting on it, then Won't Fix
- If the issue doesn't make sense (non-Spark issue, etc) then Invalid
- I tend to mark Umbrellas as "Done" when done if they're just containers
- Try to set Fix version
- Try to set Assignee to the person who most contributed to the resolution.
Usually the person who opened the PR. Strong preference for ties going to
the more 'junior' contributor

The only ones I think are sort of important are getting the Duplicate
pointers right, and possibly making sure that Fixed issues have a clear
path to finding what change fixed it and when. The rest doesn't matter much.

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