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From "萝卜丝炒饭" <>
Subject Re: Re:compile about the code
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2017 13:36:01 GMT
hi zhai,

l redid it  by your  idea,  it is ok now.  thanks.

From: "StanZhai"<>
Date: 2017/2/20 20:40:24
To: "dev"<>;
Subject: Re:compile about the code

Your antlr4-maven-plugin looks like incomplete, you can try to delete ~/.m2 in your home directory,
then re-compile spark.

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From:  " 萝卜丝炒饭 [via Apache Spark Developers List]";<[hidden email]>;
Date:  Feb 20, 2017
To:  "Stan Zhai"<[hidden email]>; 

Subject:  compile about the code

     hi all,

when i compile  spark2.0.2,  i meet an error about the  antlr4.   

i paste the info  in the attach file, wpuld you like  help me pls?

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