@Sean, I'm using Java 8 but don't see these errors until I manually build the API docs. Hence I think dropping Java 7 support may not help.

Right now we don't build docs in most of builds as building docs takes a long time (e.g., https://amplab.cs.berkeley.edu/jenkins/job/spark-master-docs/2889/ says it's 1.5 hours).

On Tue, Feb 7, 2017 at 4:06 AM, Sean Owen <sowen@cloudera.com> wrote:
I believe that if we ran the Jenkins builds with Java 8 we would catch these? this doesn't require dropping Java 7 support or anything.

@joshrosen I know we are just now talking about modifying the Jenkins jobs to remove old Hadoop configs. Is it possible to change the master jobs to use Java 8? can't hurt really in any event.

Or maybe I'm mistaken and they already run Java 8 and it doesn't catch this until Java 8 is the target.

Yeah this is going to keep breaking as javadoc 8 is pretty strict. Thanks Hyukjin. It has forced us to clean up a lot of sloppy bits of doc though.

On Tue, Feb 7, 2017 at 12:13 AM Joseph Bradley <joseph@databricks.com> wrote:
Public service announcement: Our doc build has worked with Java 8 for brief time periods, but new changes keep breaking the Java 8 unidoc build.  Please be aware of this, and try to test doc changes with Java 8!  In general, it is stricter than Java 7 for docs.

A shout out to @HyukjinKwon and others who have made many fixes for this!  See these sample PRs for some issues causing failures (especially around links):



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