Yes this only pertains to JIRA.
Yes the committer role in JIRA isn't synced to the committer LDAP group but we have admin rights to add people to roles so can easily add any new committers that are missing. 

On Thu, Oct 5, 2017, 05:50 Felix Cheung <> wrote:
To be sure, this is only for JIRA and not for github PR, right?

If then +1 but I think the access control on JIRA does not necessarily match the committer list, and is manually maintained, last I hear.

From: Sean Owen <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 4, 2017 7:51:37 PM
To: Dongjoon Hyun
Cc: dev
Subject: Re: Disabling Closed -> Reopened transition for non-committers
Although I assume we could get an account suspended if it started opening spam issues, yes we default to letting anyone open issues, and potentially abusing it. That much is the right default and I don't see any policy tweak that stops that.

I see several INFRA tickets asking to *allow* the Closed -> Reopened transition, which suggests it's not the default.

I'm accustomed to Closed being a final state that nobody can reopen as a matter of workflow -- the idea being that anything else should be a new discussion if the current issue was deemed formally done.

Spark pretty much leaves all issues in "Resolved" status which can still be reopened, and I think that's right. Although I'd like to limit all reopening to committers, it isn't that important.

Being able to move a JIRA to Closed permanently seems useful, as it doesn't interfere with any normal workflow, doesn't actually prevent a new issue from succeeding it in normal usage, and gives another tool to limit a specific kind of abuse.

On Thu, Oct 5, 2017 at 3:28 AM Dongjoon Hyun <> wrote:
It can stop reopening, but new JIRA issues with duplicate content will be created intentionally instead.

Is that policy (privileged reopening) used in other Apache communities for that purpose?

On Wed, Oct 4, 2017 at 7:06 PM, Sean Owen <> wrote:
We have this problem occasionally, where a disgruntled user continually reopens an issue after it's closed.

(Feel free to comment on this one if anyone disagrees)

Regardless of that particular JIRA, I'd like to disable to Closed -> Reopened transition for non-committers: