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From Anirudh Ramanathan <>
Subject Re: Kubernetes backend and docker images
Date Mon, 08 Jan 2018 17:40:05 GMT

We discussed some alternatives early on - including using a single
dockerfile and different spec.container.command and spec.container.args
from the Kubernetes driver/executor specification (which override
entrypoint in docker). No reason that won't work also - except that it
reduced the transparency of what was being invoked in the
driver/executor/init by hiding it in the actual backend code.

Putting it into a single entrypoint file and branching let's us realize the
best of both worlds I think. This is an elegant solution, thanks Marcelo.

On Jan 6, 2018 10:01 AM, "Felix Cheung" <> wrote:

> +1
> Thanks for taking on this.
> That was my feedback on one of the long comment thread as well, I think we
> should have one docker image instead of 3 (also pending in the fork are
> python and R variant, we should consider having one that we official
> release instead of 9, for example)
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> *From:* 蒋星博 <>
> *Sent:* Friday, January 5, 2018 10:57:53 PM
> *To:* Marcelo Vanzin
> *Cc:* dev
> *Subject:* Re: Kubernetes backend and docker images
> Agree it should be nice to have this simplification, and users can still
> create their custom images by copy/modifying the default one.
> Thanks for bring this out Marcelo!
> 2018-01-05 17:06 GMT-08:00 Marcelo Vanzin <>:
>> Hey all, especially those working on the k8s stuff.
>> Currently we have 3 docker images that need to be built and provided
>> by the user when starting a Spark app: driver, executor, and init
>> container.
>> When the initial review went by, I asked why do we need 3, and I was
>> told that's because they have different entry points. That never
>> really convinced me, but well, everybody wanted to get things in to
>> get the ball rolling.
>> But I still think that's not the best way to go. I did some pretty
>> simple hacking and got things to work with a single image:
>> Is there a reason why that approach would not work? You could still
>> create separate images for driver and executor if wanted, but there's
>> no reason I can see why we should need 3 images for the simple case.
>> Note that the code there can be cleaned up still, and I don't love the
>> idea of using env variables to propagate arguments to the container,
>> but that works for now.
>> --
>> Marcelo
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