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From Atul Sowani <>
Subject Build issues with apache-spark-on-k8s.
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2018 08:30:42 GMT

I built apache-spark-on-k8s from source on Ubuntu 16.04 and it got built
without errors. Next, I wanted to create docker images, so as explained at I
used sbin/ to create those. While using this
script I came across 2 issues:

1. It references "dockerfiles" directory which should be in "spark",
however this directory is missing. I created "dockerfiles" directory and
copied Dockerfiles from resource-managers/kubernetes/docker-minimal-bundle

2, spark-base dockerfile expects to have some JAR files present in a
directory called "jars" - this directory is missing. I tried rebuilding the
code but this directory is not getting generated if it is supposed to be.

My doubt is, if this is a genuine/known issue or am I missing out some
build steps?


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