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From Tomasz Gawęda <>
Subject Re: Preventing predicate pushdown
Date Tue, 15 May 2018 17:38:56 GMT
Thanks, filled

Pozdrawiam / Best regards,


On 2018-05-15 18:29, Wenchen Fan wrote:
applying predict pushdown is an optimization, and it makes sense to provide configs to turn
off certain optimizations. Feel free to create a JIRA.


On Tue, May 15, 2018 at 8:33 PM, Tomasz Gawęda <<>>

while working with JDBC datasource I saw that many "or" clauses with
non-equality operators causes huge performance degradation of SQL query
to database (DB2). For example:

val df ="jdbc").(other options to parallelize

df.where(s"(date1 > $param1 and (date1 < $param2 or date1 is null) or x
 > 100)").show() // in real application whose predicates were pushed
many many lines below, many ANDs and ORs

If I use cache() before where, there is no predicate pushdown of this
"where" clause. However, in production system caching many sources is a
waste of memory (especially is pipeline is long and I must do cache many

I asked on StackOverflow for better ideas:

However, there are only workarounds. I can use those workarounds, but
maybe it would be better to add such functionality directly in the API?

For example: df.withAnalysisBarrier().where(...) ?

Please let me know if I should create a JIRA or it's not a good idea for
some reasons.

Pozdrawiam / Best regards,

Tomek Gawęda

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