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From: Kazuaki Ishizaki <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 2, 2018 4:51:11 PM
To: dev
Cc: Joseph Bradley; Hossein Falaki
Subject: Re: SparkR test failures in PR builder
I am not familiar with SparkR or CRAN. However, I remember that we had the similar situation.

Here is a great work at that time. When I have just visited this PR, I think that we have the similar situation (i.e. format error) again.

Any other comments are appreciated.

Kazuaki Ishizaki

From:        Joseph Bradley <>
To:        dev <>
Cc:        Hossein Falaki <>
Date:        2018/05/03 07:31
Subject:        SparkR test failures in PR builder

Hi all,

Does anyone know why the PR builder keeps failing on SparkR's CRAN checks?  I've seen this in a lot of unrelated PRs.  E.g.:

Hossein spotted this line:
* checking CRAN incoming feasibility ...Error in .check_package_CRAN_incoming(pkgdir) : 
  dims [product 24] do not match the length of object [0]
and suggested that it could be CRAN flakiness.  I'm not familiar with CRAN, but do others have thoughts about how to fix this?


Joseph Bradley
Software Engineer - Machine Learning
Databricks, Inc.