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From JackyLee <>
Subject Re: Support SqlStreaming in spark
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2018 12:34:04 GMT
Spark JIRA:


Firstly, users, who are unfamiliar with streaming, can easily use SQL to run
StructStreaming especially when migrating offline tasks to real time
processing tasks.
Secondly, support SQL API in StructStreaming can also combine
StructStreaming with hive. Users can store the source/sink metadata in a
table and use hive metastore to manage it. The users, who want to read this
data, can easily create a stream by accessing the table, which can greatly
reduce the development cost and maintenance costs of StructStreaming.
Finally, easy to achieve unified management and authority control of source
and sink, and more controllable in the management of some private data,
especially in some financial or security area.

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