Hi Rob,

It looks most convenient as Red Hat leads the openjdk updates which is even more important from now on and also from a security
point of view.
There are some tools you might want to use at runtime like jstack, jps when debugging apps so it might be more convenient to have jdk but 
shouldnt be a requirement unless Spark does any compilation on the fly behind the scenes (besides use of janino) or you need to use a tool like keytool at container startup.  


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For those using the Kubernetes support and building custom images are you using a JDK or a JRE in the container images?


Using a JRE saves a reasonable chunk of image size (about 50MB with our preferred Linux distro) but I didn’t want to make this change if there was a reason to have a JDK available.  Certainly the official project integration tests run just fine with a JRE based image


Currently the projects official Docker files use openjdk:8-alpine as a base which includes a full JDK so didn’t know if that was intentional or just convenience?