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From Shane Knapp <>
Subject [build system] our colo is having power issues again. there will be a few 'events' this week
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2019 22:16:36 GMT
the main transformer for our colo is experiencing major issues, and
campus be performing emergency work on it starting tomorrow morning
(tuesday sept 24, 9am PDT).  it's pretty dire.  :(

there's a lot going on, but please expect some sporadic jenkins
downtime until monday.  here's the abbreviated list of when we can
expect things to happen:

* tomorrow @ 9am we are switching to generator power.  there will be
temporary loss of power to the jenkins workers, and if any don't come
back after the switch i will need to head down there and manually
power them back on.

* thursday @ 9am, switch back to campus power.  again, i will deal
w/any workers that don't come back manually.

* saturday @ 9am, back to generator power.  same deal as above.

* saturday or sunday the repairs will be completed.  i will monitor
the situation, and deal w/any problem servers on my way in to work on

i apologize for any inconvenience that this will cause...  and i hope
that this is the final piece of the power puzzle that our colo team
has to deal with.

thanks in advance,

Shane Knapp
UC Berkeley EECS Research / RISELab Staff Technical Lead

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