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From "Kazuaki Ishizaki" <>
Subject RE: [VOTE][RESULT] Spark 2.3.4 (RC1)
Date Mon, 09 Sep 2019 08:57:20 GMT
Wenchan, thank you, 
I also confirmed that CRAN can have only one version among multiple Spark 
releases (2.3.x and 2.4.x).

Kazuaki Ishizaki, 

From:   Wenchen Fan <>
To:     Kazuaki Ishizaki <>
Cc:     Nicholas Marion <>, Apache Spark Dev 
Date:   2019/09/09 16:51
Subject:        [EXTERNAL] Re: [VOTE][RESULT] Spark 2.3.4 (RC1)

Ah I missed the previous discussion. So we don't need CRAN this time. I'll 
let you know if it's ready.

On Mon, Sep 9, 2019 at 11:24 AM Wenchen Fan <> wrote:
Hi Kazuaki,

Let me handle this. But you still need to ask Felix to publish Spark R 
to CRAN.

On Sat, Sep 7, 2019 at 11:08 PM Kazuaki Ishizaki <> 
Thank you reminding me this.
Now, we are trying to start the release process. IMHO, I expect that we 
would officially announce it next week.

Best Regards,
Kazuaki Ishizaki

From:        Nicholas Marion/Poughkeepsie/IBM
To:        "Kazuaki Ishizaki" <>
Cc:        "Apache Spark Dev" <>
Date:        2019/09/07 01:01
Subject:        Re: [EXTERNAL] [VOTE][RESULT] Spark 2.3.4 (RC1)

Hello Kazuaki,

I was just wondering when this would be officially announced.


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From:        "Kazuaki Ishizaki" <>
To:        "Apache Spark Dev" <>
Date:        08/30/2019 01:56 AM
Subject:        [EXTERNAL] [VOTE][RESULT] Spark 2.3.4 (RC1)

Hi, All.

The vote passes. Thanks to all who helped with this release 2.3.4 (the 
final 2.3.x)! 
I'll follow up later with a release announcement once everything is 

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Sean Owen*
Dongjoon Hyun
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Marcelo Vanzin*

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Kazuaki Ishizaki

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