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From Hyukjin Kwon <>
Subject Adding JIRA ID as the prefix for the test case name
Date Mon, 11 Nov 2019 16:46:37 GMT
Hi all,

Maybe it's not a big deal but it brought some confusions time to time into
Spark dev and community. I think it's time to discuss about when/which
format to add a JIRA ID as a prefix for the test case name in Scala test

Currently we have many test case names with prefixes as below:

   - test("SPARK-XXXXX blah blah")
   - test("SPARK-XXXXX: blah blah")
   - test("SPARK-XXXXX - blah blah")
   - test("[SPARK-XXXXX] blah blah")
   - …

It is a good practice to have the JIRA ID in general because, for instance,
it makes us put less efforts to track commit histories (or even when the
are totally moved), or to track related information of tests failed.
Considering Spark's getting big, I think it's good to document.

I would like to suggest this and document it in our guideline:

1. Add a prefix into a test name when a PR adds a couple of tests.
2. Uses "SPARK-XXXX: test name" format which is used in our code base most

We should make it simple and clear but closer to the actual practice. So, I
would like to listen to what other people think. I would appreciate if you
guys give some feedback about when to add the JIRA prefix. One alternative
is that, we only add the prefix when the JIRA's type is bug.

git grep -E 'test\("\SPARK-([0-9]+):' | wc -l
git grep -E 'test\("\SPARK-([0-9]+) ' | wc -l
git grep -E 'test\("\[SPARK-([0-9]+)\]' | wc -l
git grep -E 'test\("\SPARK-([0-9]+) -' | wc -l

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