The ASF PR team would like something like that "Spark now supports ARM" in press releases. And don't forget: they do you like to be involved in the launch of the final release.

On Fri, Nov 15, 2019 at 9:46 AM bo zhaobo <> wrote:
Hi @Sean Owen ,

Thanks for your idea. 

We may use the bad words to describe our request. That's true that we cannot just say "Spark support ARM from release 3.0.0", and we also cannot say the past releases cannot run on ARM. But the reality is the past releases didn't get a fully test on ARM like the current testing we do. And that's true that current CI system have no resources can fit this kind request(test on ARM).

And please try to think, if a user wants to run lastest Spark release on ARM(even the old releases), but community doesn't say that the specific Spark release get testing on ARM. I think the users might think there is a risk run on ARM, if he/she has no choice, they have to run spark on ARM, they will build the CI system by themselves. That's very expensive. Right? But now, community will do the same testing on ARM in the upstream, this will save the users' resources. That's the reason announcing by community in some ways is official and the best. Such as "In XXX release, Spark gets fully testing on ARM" or "In XXX release, Spark community integrated an ARM CI system. ". Once user see that, he/she would be very comfortable to use Spark on ARM. ;-)

Thanks for your paitent, we just discuss here, if I do something not good, please feel free to correct and discuss. ;-)




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Sean Owen <> 于2019年11月15日周五 下午5:04写道:
I don't think that's true either, not yet. Being JVM-based with no
native code, I just don't even think it would be common to assume it
doesn't work and it apparently has. If you want to announce it, that's
up to you.

On Fri, Nov 15, 2019 at 3:01 AM Tianhua huang <> wrote:
> @Sean Owen,
> Thanks for attention this.
> I agree with you, it's probably not very appropriate to say 'support arm from 3.0 release'. How about change to the word "Spark community supports fully tests on arm from 3.0 release"?
> Let's try to think about it from the user's point of view than developer,users have to know exactly whether spark supports arm well and wheter spark fully tests on arm. If we specify spark is fully tests on arm, I believe users will have much more confidence to run spark on arm.