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From Dongjoon Hyun <>
Subject Re: Status of Scala 2.13 support
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2019 23:18:57 GMT
Thank you for sharing the status, Sean.

Given the current circumstance, our status and approach sounds realistic to

+1 for continuing after cutting `branch-3.0`.


On Sun, Dec 1, 2019 at 10:50 AM Sean Owen <> wrote:

> As you can see, I've been working on Scala 2.13 support. The umbrella
> is I wanted to lay
> out status and strategy.
> This will not be done for 3.0. At the least, there are a few key
> dependencies (Chill, Kafka) that aren't published for 2.13, and at
> least one change that will need removing an API deprecated as of 3.0.
> Realistically: maybe Spark 3.1. I don't yet think it's pressing.
> Making the change is difficult as it's hard to understand the extent
> of the necessary changes until the whole thing minimally compiles for
> 2.13. I have gotten essentially that far in a local clone. The good
> news is I don't see any obvious hard blockers, but the changes add up
> to thousands of line in 200+ files.
> What do we need to do for 3.0? any changes that entail breaking a
> public API, ideally. The biggest issue there comes from extensive
> changes to the Scala collection hierarchy mean that the types of many
> public APIs that return a Seq, Map, TraversableOnce, etc _will_
> actually change types in 2.13 (become immutable). See:
> and
> as the main
> examples.
> In both cases, keeping the exact same public type would require much
> bigger changes. These are the type of changes that all applications
> face when migrating to 2.13 though. 2.12 and 2.13 apps were never
> meant to be binary-compatible. So, in both cases we're not changing
> these, to avoid a lot of change and parallel source trees.
> I _think_ we're done with any other must-do changes for 3.0, therefore.
> What _can_ we do for 3.0? small changes that don't affect the 2.12
> build are OK, and that's what you see in pull requests going in at the
> moment. The big question is whether we want to do the large change for
> before 3.0. It will
> mean adding a ton of ".toSeq" and ".toMap" calls to make mutable
> collections immutable when passed to methods. In theory, it won't
> affect behavior. We'll have to see if it does in practice.
> The rest will have to wait until after 3.0, I believe, including even
> testing the 2.13 build, which will probably turn up some more issues.
> Thoughts on approach?
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