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From Mark Hamstra <>
Subject Re: Scala-2.10 status?
Date Mon, 09 Sep 2013 05:47:10 GMT
The 2.10 branch is strictly of a developmental or experimental nature at
this point -- it is quite a way from production ready.  The focus right now
is on getting Spark 0.8.0 out.  Only after that will any serious work start
on bringing the 2.10 branch back up to date with master, and then
significant further work and testing will need to be done before use of
Scala 2.10 (or perhaps 2.11 by that point) will be part of a released
version of Spark.  If you want to guess, guess months, not weeks.

On Sun, Sep 8, 2013 at 10:32 PM, Daniel Mahler <> wrote:

> What is the expected time frame for merging the scala-2.10 branch into
> master? I would like to use spark in a scala-2.10 project, but I am
> concerned about simply switching to the scala-2.10 branch. I am not sure
> how stable that is at the moment and it looks like master & scala-2.10 have
> diverged a fair bit. According to git hub scala-2.10 is 755 commits behind
> master (as well as 54 ahead) so I am not sure how much of a reggression
> using the 2.10 branch would be.
> thanks
> Daniel

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