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From Vadim Chekan <>
Subject Re: Scala 2.10?
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2013 18:12:35 GMT
I've tried to merge master into scala-2.10 branch. Around 40 conflicts,
majority are trivial with just some requiring understanding the code.
Where are patches for interactive scala interpreter?
Akka will require some more rework because remoting API has been changed
and some calls, like actorFor has been deprecated.


On Sat, Sep 21, 2013 at 12:54 PM, Paul Snively <> wrote:

> Hi Matei!
> On Sep 19, 2013, at 11:54 AM, Matei Zaharia wrote:
> > Hey Paul,
> >
> > 2.10 is definitely on our roadmap, and you can actually find a
> scala-2.10 branch in the repo that has a bunch of the changes done.
> Indeed, and for the purpose of personal experimentation that's wonderful.
> It's just that I'm engaged in a proof-of-concept for work, and at some
> point—I can't say exactly when, but in the predictable future—2.10 support
> will become a gating issue.
> > However, as Mark said, it won't be in 0.8 mostly because we've had a lot
> of other changes in that release.
> Totally understandable.
> > One challenge for us is that we also make some nontrivial changes to the
> Scala interpreter to support Spark's interpreter, which require porting to
> each Scala release. In addition we had some issues with Akka compatibility
> -- Akka 2.0.x doesn't work on Scala 2.10, but Akka 2.1.x creates some extra
> non-daemon threads that mess up our user programs. But we are working on
> fixing these and we are very excited about the features in Scala 2.10 and
> 2.11. Stuff like the fast serialization library will really help Spark.
> All of these are good points, and I certainly don't mean to imply it's
> trivial to upgrade, or that anyone's being lazy about it. At this point, I
> can only selfishly hope there is a 2.10-based release very shortly after
> the 0.8.0 release. :-)
> > Matei
> Best regards,
> Paul

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