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From Adrian Mocanu <>
Subject RE: closures & moving averages (state)
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2014 17:43:39 GMT
Tried with reduce and it's giving me pretty weird results that make no sense ie:  1  number
for an entire RDD

  val smaStream= inputStream.reduce{ case(t1,t2) =>
      val sma= average.addDataPoint(t1)

Tried with transform and that worked correctly, but unfortunately, it works 1 RDD at a time
so the moving average is reset when the next consecutive RDD is read .. as if a new instance
of the Average class is created for each RDD.

Is there a way to have 1 global variable of custom type (ie my case Average type) .. somewhat
like accumulators, but not incrementable in parallel - it wouldn't make sense for a moving

The reason I want to apply a moving average function to a stream is so that  the tuples remain
in Spark and benefit from its fault tolerant mechanisms.

My guess is that currently this is not possible, but I'll wait for one of the Spark creators
to comment on this.


From: Benjamin Black []
Sent: March-26-14 11:50 AM
Subject: Re: closures & moving averages (state)

Perhaps you want reduce rather than map?

On Wednesday, March 26, 2014, Adrian Mocanu <<>>
I'm passing a moving average function during the map phase like this:
  val average= new Sma(window=3)> average.addNumber(x))

  class Sma extends Serializable { .. }

I also tried to put creation of object average in an object like I saw in another post:
 object Average {
    val smaFn = new VSRTXYSimpleMovingAverage[(String, Long)](3)
Every time  average.addNumber is called it is a new instance.
How can I preserve state of average object?


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