The cluster is not running. You need to add MASTER environment variable & point to your master IP to connect with it.
Also if you are running in distributed mode the workers should be registered. 

Mayur Rustagi
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On Wed, Apr 2, 2014 at 12:44 AM, Denny Lee <> wrote:
I’ve been able to get CDH5 up and running on EC2 and according to Cloudera Manager, Spark is running healthy.

But when I try to run spark-shell, I eventually get the error:

14/04/02 07:18:18 INFO client.AppClient$ClientActor: Connecting to master spark://ip-172-xxx-xxx-xxx:7077...
14/04/02 07:18:38 ERROR client.AppClient$ClientActor: All masters are unresponsive! Giving up.
14/04/02 07:18:38 ERROR cluster.SparkDeploySchedulerBackend: Spark cluster looks dead, giving up.
14/04/02 07:18:38 ERROR scheduler.TaskSchedulerImpl: Exiting due to error from cluster scheduler: Spark cluster looks down

Wondering which configurations I would need to change to get this to work?