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From redocpot <>
Subject implicit ALS dataSet
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2014 15:46:47 GMT

According to the paper on which MLlib's ALS is based, the model should take
all user-item preferences
as an input, including those which are not related to any input observation
(zero preference).

My question is:

With all positive observations in hand (similar to explicit feedback data
set), should I generate all negative observations in order to make implicit
ALS work with the complete data set (pos union neg) ?

Actually, we test on some data set like:

| user | item | nbPurchase |

nbPurchase is non zero, so we have no negative observations. What we did is
generating all possible user-item with zero nbPurchase to have all possible
user-item pair, but this operation takes some time and storage.

I just want to make sure whether we have to do that with MLlib's ALS ? or it
has already done that ? In that case, I could simply pass only the positive
observation as the explicit ALS does.


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