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From Mayur Rustagi <>
Subject Re: Distribute data from Kafka evenly on cluster
Date Sat, 28 Jun 2014 06:33:53 GMT
how abou this?!topic/spark-users/ntPQUZFJt4M

Mayur Rustagi
Ph: +1 (760) 203 3257
@mayur_rustagi <>

On Sat, Jun 28, 2014 at 10:19 AM, Tobias Pfeiffer <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a number of questions using the Kafka receiver of Spark
> Streaming. Maybe someone has some more experience with that and can
> help me out.
> I have set up an environment for getting to know Spark, consisting of
> - a Mesos cluster with 3 only-slaves and 3 master-and-slaves,
> - 2 Kafka nodes,
> - 3 Zookeeper nodes providing service to both Kafka and Mesos.
> My Kafka cluster has only one topic with one partition (replicated to
> both nodes). When I start my Kafka receiver, it successfully connects
> to Kafka and does the processing, but it seems as if the (expensive)
> function in the final foreachRDD(...) is only executed on one node of
> my cluster, which is not what I had in mind when setting up the
> cluster ;-)
> So first, I was wondering about the parameter `topics: Map[String,
> Int]` to KafkaUtils.createStream(). Apparently it controls how many
> connections are made from my cluster nodes to Kafka. The Kafka doc at
> says "each
> message published to a topic is delivered to one consumer instance
> within each subscribing consumer group" and "If all the consumer
> instances have the same consumer group, then this works just like a
> traditional queue balancing load over the consumers."
> The Kafka docs *also* say: "Note however that there cannot be more
> consumer instances than partitions." This seems to imply that with
> only one partition, increasing the number in my Map should have no
> effect.
> However, if I increase the number of streams for my one topic in my
> `topics` Map, I actually *do* see that the task in my foreachRDD(...)
> call is now executed on multiple nodes. Maybe it's more of a Kafka
> question than a Spark one, but can anyone explain this to me? Should I
> always have more Kafka partitions than Mesos cluster nodes?
> So, assuming that changing the number in that Map is not what I want
> (although I don't know if it is), I tried to use
> .repartition(numOfClusterNodes) (which doesn't seem right if I want to
> add and remove Mesos nodes on demand). This *also* did spread the
> foreachRDD(...) action evenly – however, the function never seems to
> terminate, so I never get to process the next interval in the stream.
> A similar behavior can be observed when running locally, not on the
> cluster, then the program will not exit but instead hang after
> everything else has shut down. Any hints concerning this issue?
> Thanks
> Tobias

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