Could you elaborate on this? I don’t have an application, I just use spark shell.


From: Andrew Or []
Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2014 9:40 PM
Subject: Re: Adding external jar to spark-shell classpath in spark 1.0


This is a known issue: We haven't found a fix yet, but for now, you can workaround this by including your simple class in your application jar.


2014-06-11 10:25 GMT-07:00 Ulanov, Alexander <>:



I am currently using spark 1.0 locally on Windows 7. I would like to use classes from external jar in the spark-shell. I followed the instruction in:


I have set ADD_JARS=”my.jar” SPARK_CLASSPATH=”my.jar” in spark-shell.cmd but this didn’t work.


I also tried running “spark-shell.cmd --jars my.jar --driver-class-path my.jar --driver-library-path my.jar” and it didn’t work either.


I cannot load any class from my jar into spark shell. Btw my.jar contains a simple Scala class.


Best regards, Alexander