you can just use something like this:

On Tue, Jun 10, 2014 at 6:34 PM, SK <> wrote:
My output is a set of tuples and when I output it using saveAsTextFile, my
file looks as follows:

(field1_tup1, field2_tup1, field3_tup1,...)
(field1_tup2, field2_tup2, field3_tup2,...)

In Spark. is there some way I can simply have it output in CSV format as
follows (i.e. without the parentheses):
field1_tup1, field2_tup1, field3_tup1,...
field1_tup2, field2_tup2, field3_tup2,...

I could write a script to remove the parentheses, but would be easier if I
could omit the parentheses. I did not find a saveAsCsvFile in Spark.


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