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From H Bolke <>
Subject Fwd: Graphx traversal and merge interesting edges
Date Fri, 04 Jul 2014 09:07:57 GMT
Hello Gurus,

Pardon me I am noob @ Spark & GraphX (& Scala) And I seek your wisdome
here..  I want to know how to do a graph traversal and do selective merge
on edges... Thanks to the documentation :-) I could create a simple graph
of employees & their colleagues. The a structure of Graph is below, where (
) represent nodes, --[: ]--> represents relationships. I want to transform
the current graph into a useful one.

Given the current graph:

(Alice) --[:works_at]--> (Acme) <--[:works_at]-- (Bob) --[:worked_at]-->
(CompanyX) <--[:works_at]-- (Cindy)

Convert that into:

(Alice) --[:get_feedback_from]--> (Cindy)

So merging " --[:works_at]--> (Acme) <--[:works_at]-- (Bob)
--[:worked_at]--> (CompanyX) <--[:works_at]--  " path, in to an edge with
the direction same as --[:worked_at]-->. I want to preserve other edges of
left over vertices.

I want to create a new relation between an employee and his/her colleague's
former colleague's. I could not find example that could help me (may be I
have looked at wrong place)...


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