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From Luis Ángel Vicente Sánchez <>
Subject Possible bug in Spark Streaming :: TextFileStream
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2014 14:11:45 GMT
I have a basic spark streaming job that is watching a folder, processing
any new file and updating a column family in cassandra using the new

I think there is a problem with SparkStreamingContext.textFileStream... if
I start my job in local mode with no files in the folder that is watched
and then I copy a bunch of files, sometimes spark is continually processing
those files again and again.

I have noticed that it usually happens when spark doesn't detect all new
files in one go... i.e. I copied 6 files and spark detected 3 of them as
new and processed them; then it detected the other 3 as new and processed
them. After it finished to process all 6 files, it detected again the first
3 files as new files and processed them... then the other 3... and again...
and again... and again.

Should I rise a JIRA issue?



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