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From Andrew Or <>
Subject Re: driver memory
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2014 18:22:54 GMT
Hi Maria,

SPARK_MEM is actually a deprecated because it was too general; the reason
it worked was because SPARK_MEM applies to everything (drivers, executors,
masters, workers, history servers...). In favor of more specific configs,
we broke this down into SPARK_DRIVER_MEMORY and SPARK_EXECUTOR_MEMORY and
other environment variables and configs. Note that while
"spark.executor.memory" is an equivalent config, "spark.driver.memory" is
only used for YARN.

If you are using Spark 1.0+, the recommended way of specifying driver
memory is through the "--driver-memory" command line argument of
spark-submit. The equivalent also holds for executor memory (i.e.
"--executor-memory").  That way you don't have to wrangle with the millions
of overlapping configs / environment variables for all the deploy modes.


2014-07-23 4:18 GMT-07:00 mrm <>:

> Hi,
> I figured out my problem so I wanted to share my findings. I was basically
> trying to broadcast an array with 4 million elements, and a size of
> approximatively 150 MB. Every time I was trying to broadcast, I got an
> OutOfMemory error. I fixed my problem by increasing the driver memory
> using:
> export SPARK_MEM="2g"
> Using SPARK_DAEMON_MEM or spark.executor.memory did not help in this case!
> I
> don't have a good understanding of all these settings and I have the
> feeling
> many people are in the same situation.
> --
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