Yeah, seems to be the case. In general your executors should be able to reach the driver, which I don't think is the case for you currently (LinuxDevVM.local:59266 seems very private). What you need is some sort of gateway node that can be publicly reached from your worker machines to launch your driver.


2014-07-23 10:40 GMT-07:00 didi <>:
Hi all
I guess the problem has something to do with the fact i submit the job to
remote location

I submit from OracleVM running ubuntu and suspect some NAT issues maybe?
akka tcp tries this address as follows from the STDERR print which is
appended akka.tcp://spark@LinuxDevVM.local:59266


Spark Executor Command: "java" "-cp"
"-XX:MaxPermSize=128m" "-Xms1024M" "-Xmx1024M"
"akka.tcp://spark@LinuxDevVM.local:59266/user/CoarseGrainedScheduler" "3"
"" "4"

log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger
log4j:WARN Please initialize the log4j system properly.
log4j:WARN See for
more info.
14/07/23 13:27:04 INFO SparkHadoopUtil: Using Spark's default log4j profile:
14/07/23 13:27:04 INFO SecurityManager: Changing view acls to: root
14/07/23 13:27:04 INFO SecurityManager: SecurityManager: authentication
disabled; ui acls disabled; users with view permissions: Set(root)
14/07/23 13:27:05 INFO Slf4jLogger: Slf4jLogger started
14/07/23 13:27:05 INFO Remoting: Starting remoting
14/07/23 13:27:05 INFO Remoting: Remoting started; listening on addresses
14/07/23 13:27:05 INFO Remoting: Remoting now listens on addresses:
14/07/23 13:27:05 INFO CoarseGrainedExecutorBackend: Connecting to driver:
14/07/23 13:27:05 INFO WorkerWatcher: Connecting to worker
14/07/23 13:27:05 WARN Remoting: Tried to associate with unreachable remote
address [akka.tcp://spark@LinuxDevVM.local:59266]. Address is now gated for
60000 ms, all messages to this address will be delivered to dead letters.
14/07/23 13:27:05 ERROR CoarseGrainedExecutorBackend: Driver Disassociated
[akka.tcp://] ->
[akka.tcp://spark@LinuxDevVM.local:59266] disassociated! Shutting down.

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