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From linkpatrickliu <>
Subject SparkSQL 1.1 hang when "DROP" or "LOAD"
Date Mon, 15 Sep 2014 06:34:38 GMT
I started sparkSQL thrift server:

Then I use beeline to connect to it:
"!connect jdbc:hive2://localhost:10000 op1 op1"

I have created a database for user op1.
"create database dw_op1";

And grant all privileges to user op1;
"grant all on database dw_op1 to user op1";

Then I create a table:
"create tabel src(key int, value string)"

Now, I want to load data into this table:
"load data inpath "kv1.txt" into table src"; (kv1.txt is located in the
/user/op1 directory in hdfs)

However, the client will hang.......

The log in the thrift server:
14/09/15 14:21:25 INFO Driver: <PERFLOG method=acquireReadWriteLocks>

Then I ctrl-C to stop the beeline client, and restart the beelien client.
Now I want to drop the table src in dw_op1;
"use dw_op1"
"drop table src"

Then, the beeline client is hanging again......
The log in the thrift server:
14/09/15 14:23:27 INFO Driver: <PERFLOG method=acquireReadWriteLocks>

Anyone can help on this? Many thanks!

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