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From praveen seluka <>
Subject Yarn Over-allocating Containers
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2014 06:44:33 GMT
Hi all

Am seeing a strange issue in Spark on Yarn(Stable). Let me know if known,
or am missing something as it looks very fundamental.

Launch a Spark job with 2 Containers. addContainerRequest called twice and
then calls allocate to AMRMClient. This will get 2 Containers allocated.
Fine as of now.

Reporter thread starts. Now, if 1 of the container dies - this is what
happens. Reporter thread adds another addContainerRequest and the next
allocate is *actually* getting back 3 containers (total no of container
requests from beginning). Reporter thread has a check to discard (release)
excess container and ends-up releasing 2.

In summary, job starts with 2 containers, 1 dies(lets say), reporter thread
adds 1 more container request, subsequently gets back 3 allocated
containers(from yarn) and discards 2 as it needed just 1.


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