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From Sameer Tilak <>
Subject Interpreting MLLib's linear regression o/p
Date Sat, 20 Dec 2014 16:13:04 GMT
Hi All,I use LIBSVM format to specify my input feature vector, which used 1-based index. When
I run regression the o/p is 0-indexed based. I have a master lookup file that maps back these
indices to what they stand or. However, I need to add offset of 2 and not 1 to the regression
outcome during the mapping. So for example to map the index of 800 from the regression output
file, I look for 802 in my master lookup file and then things make sense. I can understand
adding offset of 1, but not sure why adding offset 2 is working fine. Have others seem something
like this as well?  		 	   		  
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