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From Eduardo Cusa <>
Subject EC2 VPC script
Date Thu, 18 Dec 2014 14:42:21 GMT
Hi guys.

I run the folling command to lauch a new cluster :

./spark-ec2 -k test -i test.pem -s 1  --vpc-id vpc-XXXXX --subnet-id
subnet-XXXXX launch  vpc_spark

The instances started ok but the command never end. With the following

Setting up security groups...
Searching for existing cluster vpc_spark...
Spark AMI: ami-5bb18832
Launching instances...
Launched 1 slaves in us-east-1a, regid = r-e9d603c4
Launched master in us-east-1a, regid = r-89d104a4
Waiting for cluster to enter 'ssh-ready' state...............

any ideas what happend?


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