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From Deep Pradhan <>
Subject Filter using the Vertex Ids
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2014 06:01:20 GMT
I have a graph which returns the following on doing graph.vertices
(1, 1.0)
(2, 1.0)
(3, 2.0)
(4, 2.0)
(5, 0.0)

Here 5 is the root node of the graph. This is a VertexRDD. I want to group
all the vertices with the same attribute together, like into one RDD or
something. I want all the vertices with same attribute to be together.
How should I go about doing it?
I tried creating RDDs of vertices for each attribute value but I realized
that I will end up creating too many RDDs if the graph is huge and the
distances are varied.
Can anyone suggest to me as to how I should go about doing this?

Thank You

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