Hi Xiaoyong,

SparkSQL has already been released and has been part of the Spark code-base since Spark 1.0.  The latest stable release is Spark 1.1 (here's the Spark SQL Programming Guide) and we're currently voting on Spark 1.2.

Hive on Spark is an initiative by Cloudera to help folks whom are already using Hive but instead of using traditional MR it will utilize Spark.  For more information, check out http://blog.cloudera.com/blog/2014/07/apache-hive-on-apache-spark-motivations-and-design-principles/.

For anyone who is building new projects in Spark, IMHO I would suggest jumping to SparkSQL first.


On Sat Dec 13 2014 at 5:00:56 AM Xiaoyong Zhu <xiaoyzhu@microsoft.com> wrote:

Dear spark experts, I am very interested in Spark SQL availability in the future – could someone share with me the information about the following questions?

1.       Is there some ETAs for the Spark SQL release?

2.       I heard there is a Hive on Spark program also – what’s the difference between Spark SQL and Hive on Spark?