I am a new bee in spark and scala world


I have been trying to implement Collaborative filtering using MlLib supplied out of the box with Spark and Scala


I have 2 problems


1.       The best model was trained with rank = 20 and lambda = 5.0, and numIter = 10, and its RMSE on the test set is 25.718710831912485. The best model improves the baseline by 18.29%. Is there a scientific way in which RMSE could be brought down? What is a descent acceptable value for RMSE?

2.       I picked up the Collaborative filtering algorithm from http://ampcamp.berkeley.edu/5/exercises/movie-recommendation-with-mllib.html and executed the given code with my dataset. Now, I want to build a desktop application around it.

a.       What is the best language to do this Java/ Scala? Any possibility to do this using C#?

b.      Can somebody please share any relevant documents/ source or any helper links to help me get started on this?


Your help is greatly appreciated





Saurabh Agrawal

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