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From "Shuai Zheng" <>
Subject Executor vs Mapper in Hadoop
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2015 20:16:19 GMT
Hi All,


I try to clarify some behavior in the spark for executor. Because I am from
Hadoop background, so I try to compare it to the Mapper (or reducer) in


1, Each node can have multiple executors, each run in its own process? This
is same as mapper process. 


2, I thought the spark executor will use multi-thread mode when there are
more than 1 core to allocate to it (for example: set executor-cores to 5).
In this way, how many partition it can process? For example, if input are 20
partitions (similar as 20 split as mapper input) and we have 5 executors,
each has 4 cores. Will all these partitions will be proceed as the same time
(so each core process one partition) or actually one executor can only run
one partition at the same time?


I don't know whether my understand is correct, please suggest.


BTW: In general practice, should we always try to set the executor-cores to
a higher number? So we will favor 10 cores * 2 executor than 2 cores*10
executors? Any suggestion here? 







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