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From Kevin Burton <>
Subject Re: spark ignoring all memory settings and defaulting to 512MB?
Date Thu, 01 Jan 2015 06:43:28 GMT
wow. Just figured it out:

        conf.set( "spark.executor.memory", "2g");

I have to set it in the Job… that’s really counter intuitive.  Especially
because the documentation in says the exact opposite.

What’s the resolution here.  This seems like a mess. I’d propose a solution
to clean it up but I don’t know where to begin.

On Wed, Dec 31, 2014 at 10:35 PM, Kevin Burton <> wrote:

> This is really weird and I’m surprised no one has found this issue yet.
> I’ve spent about an hour or more trying to debug this :-(
> My spark install is ignoring ALL my memory settings.  And of course my job
> is running out of memory.
> The default is 512MB so pretty darn small.
> The worker and master start up and both use 512M
> This alone is very weird and poor documentation IMO because:
>  "SPARK_WORKER_MEMORY, to set how much total memory workers have to give
> executors (e.g. 1000m, 2g)”
> … so if it’s giving it to executors, AKA the memory executors run with,
> then it should be SPARK_EXECUTOR_MEMORY…
> … and the worker actually uses SPARK_DAEMON memory.
> but actually I’m right.  It IS SPARK_EXECUTOR_MEMORY… according to
> bin/spark-class
> … but, that’s not actually being used :-(
> that setting is just flat out begin ignored and it’s just using 512MB.  So
> all my jobs fail.
> … and I write an ‘echo’ so I could trace the spark-class script to see
> what the daemons are actually being run with and spark-class wasn’t being
> called with and nothing is logged for the coarse grained executor.  I guess
> it’s just inheriting the JVM opts from it’s parent and Java is launching
> the process directly?
> This is a nightmare :(
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