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From sequoiadb <>
Subject Unable to stop Worker in standalone mode by sbin/
Date Fri, 13 Mar 2015 01:18:19 GMT
Checking the script, it seems unable to stop the worker
$ ./ stop org.apache.spark.deploy.worker.Worker 1
no org.apache.spark.deploy.worker.Worker to stop
$ ps -elf | grep spark
0 S taoewang 24922     1  0  80   0 - 733878 futex_ Mar12 ?       00:08:54 java -cp /data/sequoiadb-driver-1.10.jar,/data/spark-sequoiadb-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar::/data/spark/conf:/data/spark/assembly/target/scala-2.10/spark-assembly-1.3.0-SNAPSHOT-hadoop2.4.0.jar
-XX:MaxPermSize=128m -Dspark.deploy.recoveryMode=ZOOKEEPER -Dspark.deploy.zookeeper.url=centos-151:2181,centos-152:2181,centos-153:2181
-Dspark.deploy.zookeeper.dir=/data/zookeeper -Dspark.akka.logLifecycleEvents=true -Xms512m
-Xmx512m org.apache.spark.deploy.worker.Worker spark://centos-151:7077,centos-152:7077,centos-153:7077

In spark-daemon script it tries to find $pid in /tmp/:

In my case pid supposed to be: /tmp/

However when I go through the files in /tmp directory I don’t find such file exist.
I got 777 on /tmp and also tried to touch a file with my current account and success, so it
shouldn’t be permission issue.
$ ls -la / | grep tmp
drwxrwxrwx.   6 root     root      4096 Mar 13 08:19 tmp

Anyone has any idea why the pid file didn’t show up?


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