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From Nathan McCarthy <>
Subject SparkSubmit with Ivy jars is very slow to load with no internet access
Date Fri, 19 Jun 2015 04:53:08 GMT

Spark Submit adds maven central & spark bintray to the ChainResolver before it adds any
external resolvers.

When running on a cluster without internet access, this means the spark shell takes forever
to launch as it tries these two remote repos before the ones specified in the --repositories
list. In our case we have a proxy which the cluster can access it and supply it via —repositories.
This is also a problem for users who maintain a proxy for maven/ivy repos with something like

I see two options for a fix;

  *   Change the order repos are added to the ChainResolver, making the --repositories supplied
repos come before anything else.
  *   Have a config option (like spark.jars.ivy.useDefaultRemoteRepos, default true) which
when false wont add the maven central & bintry to the ChainResolver.

Happy to do a PR now for this if someone can give me a recommendation on which option would
be better.

JIRA here;


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