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From Chao Chen <>
Subject Spark Job always cause a node to reboot
Date Thu, 04 Jun 2015 14:59:18 GMT
Hi all, 
I am new to spark. I am trying to deploy HDFS (hadoop-2.6.0) and Spark-1.3.1 with four nodes,
and each node has 8-cores and 8GB memory.
One is configured as headnode running masters, and 3 others are workers 

But when I try to run the Pagerank from HiBench, it always cause a node to reboot during the
middle of the work for all scala, java, and python versions. But works fine
with the MapReduce version from the same benchmark. 

I also tried standalone deployment, got the same issue. 

My spark-defaults.conf
spark.master				yarn-client
spark.driver.memory		4g
spark.executor.memory 		4g
spark.rdd.compress		false	

The job submit script is:

bin/spark-submit  --properties-file HiBench/report/pagerank/spark/scala/conf/sparkbench/spark.conf
--class org.apache.spark.examples.SparkPageRank --master yarn-client --num-executors 2 --executor-cores
4 --executor-memory 4G --driver-memory 4G HiBench/src/sparkbench/target/sparkbench-4.0-SNAPSHOT-MR2-spark1.3-jar-with-dependencies.jar
hdfs://discfarm:9000/HiBench/Pagerank/Input/edges hdfs://discfarm:9000/HiBench/Pagerank/Output

What is problem with my configuration ? and How can I find the cause ?

any help is welcome !

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