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From Richard Marscher <>
Subject Re: Best practice for using singletons on workers (seems unanswered) ?
Date Tue, 07 Jul 2015 15:27:53 GMT
Would it be possible to have a wrapper class that just represents a
reference to a singleton holding the 3rd party object? It could proxy over
calls to the singleton object which will instantiate a private instance of
the 3rd party object lazily? I think something like this might work if the
workers have the singleton object in their classpath.

here's a rough sketch of what I was thinking:

object ThirdPartySingleton {
  private lazy val thirdPartyObj = ...

  def someProxyFunction() = thirdPartyObj.()

class ThirdPartyReference extends Serializable {
  def someProxyFunction() = ThirdPartySingleton.someProxyFunction()

also found this SO post:

On Tue, Jul 7, 2015 at 11:04 AM, dgoldenberg <>

> Hi,
> I am seeing a lot of posts on singletons vs. broadcast variables, such as
> *
> *
> What's the best approach to instantiate an object once and have it be
> reused
> by the worker(s).
> E.g. I have an object that loads some static state such as e.g. a
> dictionary/map, is a part of 3rd party API and is not serializable.  I
> can't
> seem to get it to be a singleton on the worker side as the JVM appears to
> be
> wiped on every request so I get a new instance.  So the singleton doesn't
> stick.
> Is there an approach where I could have this object or a wrapper of it be a
> broadcast var? Can Kryo get me there? would that basically mean writing a
> custom serializer?  However, the 3rd party object may have a bunch of
> member
> vars hanging off it, so serializing it properly may be non-trivial...
> Any pointers/hints greatly appreciated.
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