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From "鹰" <>
Subject 回复:Timestamp functions for sqlContext
Date Wed, 22 Jul 2015 02:07:09 GMT
Hi Rozen,
you  can  get current time by call a java API and then get rowTimestamp by sql;
val currentTimeStamp=System.currentTimeMillis()val  rowTimestatm = sqlContext.sql("select
 rowTimestamp  from tableName")

and then you can wirte a function like this

def diffDate(currentTimeStamp,rowTimeStamp  ):INT={

here is something you need to do;

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主题: Timestamp functions for sqlContext


I'm running a query with sql context where one of the fields is of type java.sql.Timestamp.
I'd like to set a function similar to DATEDIFF in mysql, between the date given in each row,
and now. So If I was able to use the same syntax as in mysql it would be:

val date_diff_df = sqlContext.sql("select DATEDIFF(curdate(), rowTimestamp) date_diff from

What are the relevant key words to replace curdate(), and DATEDIFF?

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