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From Akmal Abbasov <>
Subject No event logs in yarn-cluster mode
Date Sat, 01 Aug 2015 16:25:16 GMT
Hi, I am trying to configure a history server for application. 
When I running locally(./run-example SparkPi), the event logs are being created, and I can
start history server.
But when I am trying
./spark-submit --class org.apache.spark.examples.SparkPi --master yarn-cluster file:///opt/hadoop/spark/examples/src/main/python/
I am getting 
15/08/01 18:18:50 INFO yarn.Client:
	 client token: N/A
	 diagnostics: N/A
	 ApplicationMaster host:
	 ApplicationMaster RPC port: 0
	 queue: default
	 start time: 1438445890676
	 final status: SUCCEEDED
	 tracking URL: http://sp-m1:8088/proxy/application_1438444529840_0009/A
	 user: hadoop
15/08/01 18:18:50 INFO util.Utils: Shutdown hook called
15/08/01 18:18:50 INFO util.Utils: Deleting directory /tmp/spark-185f7b83-cb3b-4134-a10c-452366204f74
So it is succeeded, but there is no event logs for this application.

here are my configs
spark.master            	yarn-cluster
spark.eventLog.dir      	/opt/spark/spark-events
spark.eventLog.enabled  true
export HADOOP_CONF_DIR="/opt/hadoop/etc/hadoop"
export SPARK_DAEMON_JAVA_OPTS="-Dspark.deploy.recoveryMode=ZOOKEEPER -Dspark.deploy.zookeeper.url=“zk1:2181,zk2:2181”
export SPARK_HISTORY_OPTS="-Dspark.history.provider=org.apache.spark.deploy.history.FsHistoryProvider
-Dspark.history.fs.logDirectory=file:/opt/spark/spark-events -Dspark.history.fs.cleaner.enabled=true"

Any ideas?

Thank you
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